Refund Policy

Refund Policy
Refund Policy

Our need is to serve you and your organization within the best manner attainable. we do this by combining incredible service and support for a low value. during this manner, we create having a high-end website a reality for the many organizations and businesses we serve. within the method of doing, therefore, we sometimes encounter problems that will not be easy to resolve, resulting in account cancellation. the following is our official refund policy.

First 24 Hours

If it’s been but twenty-four hours AND you’ve got not yet had your consultation with a production staff member, you’ll request a refund of all fees except for domain name registrations. Domain names are purchased within minutes of your order, and should not be refunded below any circumstance. Once the 24 hours have been irreligious otherwise you have had your consultation with a production manager, none of the initial fees paid 24 refundable.

Canceling Your Account

Canceling your account with us is fast and simple. All cancellations should be done through Cancellation type, accessible from inside your control panel within the Account Management section. Please afford one business day once submitting your request for the process of your cancellation. A representative can contact you to finalize your cancellation.

Billing Disputes

For any queries relating to charges created to your MasterCard or checking account, please contact us immediately. we tend to are happy to assist you with any queries you’ll have and even happier to correct any request errors on our half. you’ll also have access to any or all past and continual charges created through your account from inside your website electrical device. This data is provided to you 24/7 online.